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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Safe Crackers Enjoy Picnic In Rock Springs Park

(left) Rock Springs Park Director Robert L. Hand in front of the office. (Courtesy of Tish Hand)

The following article about a robbery in Rock Springs Park appeared in The Pittsburgh Press on July 7, 1954:

Tired After Fourth of July Rush, Official Neglects to Bank Day's Take

The director of Rock Springs amusement park was so tired after the holiday rush that he went to bed instead of the bank.

While he was sleeping, safe crackers entered the park office and made off with $8000 in Fourth of July receipts.

Chester Police Chief Lloyd H. Lyons said the yeggs broke into the office sometime early yesterday.

They opened the old-fashioned, six-foot double-door safe by knocking off the combination and tapping a drift pin into the spindle.

“It was a professional job,” the chief said. Deputy Sheriff Bert Byers, of New Cumberland, said there are some suspects under surveillance.

The park office is near the dance hall and about two blocks from where Director Robert Hand resides.

Mr. Hand, who normally would have banked the money at the holidays end said about $1000 was in small bills.

Note: a "yegg" is a safe cracker or burglar

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