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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Joel Comm

Last March I spoke at ACE's CoasterBash. It was a priviledge to share a slide show of Rock Springs Park and a virtual ride on the Cyclone to members of ACE's Western Pennsylvania group. I attended with Dick Bowker, ACE's 10th member, and the guy who gave me most of the pictures for my book. We enjoyed a nice dinner and presenations from Idlewild and Kennywood and other parks in our Western PA region.

I didn't realize until I came home that my nametag incorrectly identified me as "Joel." When I walked in the door my wife asked, "So, how did it go, Joel?" Talk about deflation!

Actaully, I wish I was Joel Comm. On a vanity search I discovered Joel Comm, inventor of something called AdSense Secrets. It sounds like he's a rich guy. Joel, if you're out there, I may be a poor relation. Any chance you want to unload some of that wealth?


kpbook04 said...

I am so embarrased, "Joel", er Joe, because it was me who made your name badge!!! Sorry for the typo!!!

Dave Hahner

kpbook04 said...

I feel so embarrased "Joel", er Joe! I was the one who made your name badge!!!

Best of luck with your book!

Dave Hahner

Average Joe said...

No problem Dave! I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that nametag. I like that it takes me down a peg, and people at the book talk got a big laugh out of it.

I think its funny that I didn't notice it all night. Of course people were looking at me funny when I introduced myself. "This guy can't be an author, he doen't even know his own name."