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Friday, August 13, 2010

Captain Jack Dallas

The following article about the flight of Captain Jack Dallas appeared in the Beaver Daily Times in the summer of 1910:

Thousands of people witnessed the daily flights of Captain Jack Dallas in his wonderful airship at Rock Springs Park.

This noted aerial navigator manipulates his aircraft with the ease and dexterity of a skilled bicyclist, turning and darting through space with the grace of a bird.

Captain Dallas piloted his aircraft Saturday afternoon, from Rock Springs Park, across the Ohio River to the Diamond, in East Liverpool, and returned in a remarkably short space of time. This flight was witnessed by 15,000 visitors, many of whom came hundreds of miles to enjoy the sight.

If the reader has never witnessed the flight of an airship, it is the grandest sight imaginable. Don’t fail to see it at Rock Springs Park this week. It may be your last opportunity.

I try to imagine what the sight of this magnificent flight must have been like for the thousands gathered at the park and across the Ohio River in East Liverpool. In the postcard image below, one can get a feel for the spectacle as Captain Dallas is seen attempting a landing at Ontario Beach Park, Rochester, NY.

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