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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Many Faces of Rock Springs Park

I came across many pictures, such as this one, while researching Rock Springs Park. While they are beautiful photos of the many faces of Rock Springs, I chose not to use them in my book, as I was working with a limited number of images and the main goal was to tell the history of the park in a guided tour-type fashion. I wanted the reader to be able to see elements of the park such as the buildings, rides, and attractions in a majority of the pictures. This photograph, taken by Clarence O. Durbin around 1969, is of Betsy Urie. Although, Betsy's picture and others were not used in the book, I was able to showcase them in a musical Power Point slide show, which I share at book talks. Many people have said it made them cry, even some who didn't know the people or even the park, itself. The slide show is shown to Rusty Springfield;s hit, "I Only Want to Be With You."

Remember it?

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