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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rock Springs Fills Lake to Provide New Picnic Area

On June 7, 1952, Billboard Magazine reported that Director Robert L. Hand chose to fill in a portion of the lake in Rock Springs Park. The swimming pool near the lake had been closed since WWII.

Chester, W. Va., May 31 – Filling of the lake in order to provide additional picnic space marked the pre-season activities at Rock Springs Park here, according to Manager R.L. Hand. The park began full-scale operation Monday (May 20) after being open for week-ends since May 4.
Two new rides also were added at the park. They are a Bisch-Rocco Kiddie Airplane and a B.A. Schiff Kiddie Boat Ride. Picnic bookings are up. Fireworks are scheduled for holidays.
(above image coutesy of Richard Bowker)

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