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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Merry-Go-Round Concessions

Photographs, taken by Clarence Durbin in the waning years of Rock Springs Park (1968-1970), show concession stands along the midway near the Merry-Go-Round. Many today recall the cotton candy stand at the top of the staircase which led past the spring and the lower picnic park and the lunch stand next to the octagonal carousel pavilion. However, the photograph below, part of a series belonging to Sayre W. Graham and illustrating the many structures built by The Finley Brothers Construction Company, reveals for the first time that during C.C. Macdonald’s time as owner of the park, concession stands were constructed as part of the carousel’s waiting platform. An ice cream stand (right) and a popcorn stand (left) border the entrance and share the red and green striped roof in 1928.
(Courtesy of Sayre Graham, Jr.)

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