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Sunday, September 16, 2012

650 Million Brings Instant History

I was just alerted to the fact that the 1927 Dentzel Carousel from Rock Springs Park is for sale for $650.000. It had been for sale on-line by the Brass Ring Entertainment Company of Burbank, CA, but as far as I know this is the first time it has appeared on eBay. The description includes many interesting facts and features.

This is the whole Dentzel carousel from Rock Springs Park in Chester, WV. It measures 50 feet in diameter with 48 replacement animals. The trim is still all in original paint. It is a deluxe machine with a full ceiling kit from the factory (a very rare upgrade from the Dentzel factory). The only other deluxe original paint Dentzel machine is Glen Echo Park in Maryland owned by the Federal Government. This machine is the only one in private hands and was the last carousel ever made by the Dentzel carousel company in 1927. It has only operated in one place its whole life and has been in storage since the 70's. The picture of the whole machine was taken just prior to its removal. The original animals were sold off in the 90's. We are offering the machine with a complete set of new Dentzel horses and menagerie pieces. Being sold in “as is” condition as removed from the park and the animals needing paint. This is a true piece of American history on a budget. This machine in complete with the original animals fully restored would be in the 3 to 4 million dollar range. Even with replacement animals restored this is still a 2 million dollar machine when finished. We can provide a full restoration if needed. You can see our work at carousel.com we have been performing museum restorations on carousels for over 30 years. Most of the replacement animals are pieces made from the famous Dentzel Lagoon carousel from Knotts Berry Farm. The pieces were made from molds taken from the original animals. Some of the finest animals ever made by the Dentzel company. This machine brings instant history to any location it goes.

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