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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Highway Stake

On page 117 of Images of America: Rock Springs Park I wrote, "In 1974 the lower picnic area was being flagged to mark the route of the new highway approach to the Jennings Randolph Bridge. Many felt that the new path of Route 30 and the approach to the bridge could have been restricted to this lower park corridor, however, planners and engineers chose to curve the highway toward the west, effectively eliminating all but a small section of the upper park."

But just how far to the west does the highway run? The image above marks the spot were the western edge of the proposed highway was drawn.
In this second photograph (above) one can see the stake which marks this spot. This area was on the southern edge of the final turn of the Cyclone roller coaster between Virginia Gardens and the office at the northern end of the midway in the upper park.
Today this spot is part of the south bound lane of Route 30 just off the Jennings Randolph Bridge as drivers enter West Virginia from Ohio. (Courtesy of Rob Morrow)

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