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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rock Springs Park Linked to East Liverpool Historical Society Website

The East Liverpool Historical Society Website placed a link to my Rock Springs Park blog this week on their “Links Useful to Enjoyable" page” at http://www.eastliverpoolhistoricalsociety.org/. Their site is a terrific resource for researching our local history on-line and I am proud to have my blog associated with it. A search of Rock Springs Park provides ten links ranging in topics from the early 1900's trolley rides to 1950's dance contest photos to articles on the parks final days in 1974. The ELHS also has a Facebook page under the title “Historical Memories of East Liverpool” which contains hundreds of images and discussions of all things Potter.

I took a few photos of East Liverpool landmarks on one final stop before sending off my manuscript to Arcadia Publishing in December 2009.

 Bottle Kiln at the Corner of East Second and Market

Beginning Point of the U.S. Public Land Survey that led to the opening of the Northwest Territory. On September 30, 1785, Thomas Hutchins began surveying the Seven Ranges at the point of beginning.

The Broadway Wharf was the launching point for the ferry boat Ollie Neville which carried excursionists to Rock Springs Park.

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