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Sunday, April 15, 2012

“Doc” Fraser

The image below of Virginia Hand seated on the lap of a friend during a Christmas Party in the Log House at Rock Springs Park was sent to me by Tish Hand during one of our many e-mail discussions about the park. She knew the rosy-cheeked fellow in the photo only as “Doc” and thought that he delivered Virginia’s sons, Robert and Richard.

This was one of many photographs I considered using in Images of America: Rock Springs Park, but it was not chosen in lieu of one that showed the exterior of the log home as most would remember it. Doc’s name and identity remained a mystery until I posted this picture on Facebook and asked if anyone might know him.

That conversation is transcribed below.

Me: (in caption under photograph) I am uploading photographs to Images of America: Rock Springs Park in a folder labeled "Faces of Rock Springs Park." Most of the subjects have been identified, but a few are unknown. Does anyone know the name of the gentleman with Virginia Hand in this photo? He was a doctor.

PF: Do you know when the picture was taken; he looks familiar but not sure.

JCS: Could it be Dr. Wolpert?

JB: Was that the Doctor that lived in the house to the right of Washington School.

Me: Tish Hand thought that he delivered Virginia's boys. Is that possible?

CG: Thought Dr. Wolpert lived there.

Me: The Wolperts did live in the Old Stone House.

SM: Dr. Gotlieb delivered my brother Steve in 1944.

Me: I may be wrong, but I was under the impression this Dr was from ELO. It could be Dr. Wolpert, though. I don't know what he looked like.

PF: I believe that the picture is of Dr. John A. Frasier, he was the only practicing Dr. that I know of in Chester from the mid 30's up until the late 50's, he delivered me and all of my siblings along with most of the babies born in Chester at that time, I am not certain, but he looks like the Dr Frasier that I remember, but then that was over 60 years ago too.

PF: That would be Dr, John A. Fraser I found him on Google search, quite a history there from 55 years in Chester. He delivered 5784 babies, removed 1702 appendix. 675 C-sections, removed 521 gall bladders, 1089 hernia repairs, 4280 tonsillectomy including mine, 906 hysterectomies, and once removed a harmonica from a boys stomach, as well as having an office practice that took many hours of his time, he was actually quite the doctor and he did deliver most of the older generations here today in Chester and left.

PF: Here is a link to his picture and bio, I am pretty sure it is the man in your Photo http://eastliverpoolhistoricalsociety.org/Forelodrs.htm.

PF: I know it says East Liver pool, but remember Chester did not have its own hospital, his office was in Chester but his hospital was in East Liverpool, at the end of the Newell Bridge if memory serves me right.

CG: PF, when I was trying to describe him to my mom that's who she said it sounded like. In fact he delivered me.

PF: You, me and nearly everyone else in the county in those days from the looks of things, lol.

Me: Thanks so much you guys. Sounds like we have our man. It's just too bad Doc doesn't have a fresh white rose in his lapel in the photo. That would seal it (refering to fact listed in ELHS article).

Go to PF’s East Liverpool Historical Society link to read about “Doc” Fraser and see an older photo of him which appeared in an article about local doctors in the Review. What do you guys think? Is it the same man? There is also a picture of Dr. Wolpert on this site.

Here's a couple more Christmas Party Pics.

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