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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The Shoot-the-Chutes tower in Rock Springs Park was so tall it could be seen above the trees at the lower park entrance.

I have found instances of injuries on rides including the Cyclone, and the Merry-Go-Round in Rock Springs Park, and reported them here, but this is the first instance of an injury sustained on the Shoot-the-Chutes, and all I can say is, “Ouch!”

The Daily Times, Beaver PA -- June 18, 1908

Miss Alice Beaulean, of Hinds Street, Rochester, met with a serious accident yesterday while attending Rock Springs Park. She, with several friends, were enjoying a ride on the Shoot the Shoots [sic] and was thrown to the bottom of the boat in some manner the ligaments of her liver were torn loose. She was brought to Rochester last evening and conveyed to her home in a carriage, and said to be resting as easy as could be expected.

For a description of the Chutes ride and a wonderful picture of the boatmen in sailor suits see Images of America: Rock Springs Park pages 48 – 49. In the meantime, click on the YouTube video below to see one in action at Coney Island. Notice how the boat skips due to the curved ramp at the bottom of the chute. One can easily see how a young woman could lose her balance and be injured from a fall.

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