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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kiddie Park

Most amusement parks added or built up their kiddielands after World War II to give servicemen and women a place to take the Baby-boomer generation for a day of fun. One year before he came to Chester and managed Rock Springs Park, C.C. Macdonald, 20 years ahead of his time, created a kids-only amusement park in San Antonio Texas. According to his son, R.Z., C.C. invested in the Kiddie Park to give out-of-work buddies a place for employment. “Kiddie Park” is still in operation today and is “America's Oldest and Original Kids Amusement Park” having been around for kids since 1925. (Click here to see their website)

So, what Kiddie Rides were in Rocks Springs over the years? Let’s take a look!

The Turnpike Cars
Kiddie Cars
Kiddie Trolley
Kiddie Train (Courtesy of Sherry Emery)
Kiddie Whirlo
Kiddie Ferris Wheel
Kiddie Boats
Boats and Airplanes
Kiddie Airplanes
Rock Springs Kiddie Park Rides 1970

(Unless otherwise indicated, all images courtesy of Rich Brookes from the Clarence O. Durbin Collection)

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