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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bert Stock Orchestra Performs and Smithsonian Institute Inspects Carousel

Tuesday, June 26, 1928
On this date in Rock Springs Park history, The Bert Stock Orchestra performed at an evening engagement at Virginia Gardens having just completed a six week engagement at the Moonlight Ballroom, Meyers Lake Park, Canton, Ohio.
The Daily Times - June 23, 1928 - Fine Orchestra at Rock Springs
Meyers Lake Park, Canton, Ohio
Since last September there has not been a single change in personnel of Bert Stock and his orchestra of 11 artists, featured at Virginia Gardens, Rock Springs Park, Tuesday evening, June 26. During the winter this band divided their time between extended engagements at East Market Gardens, Akron; Madison Gardens, Toledo; one month in Fort Pitt hotel Pittsburg [sic]; vaudeville engagements on the Loew circuit, and numerous one night stands for private and public dances. They just completed a six weeks' engagement at the Moonlight Ballroom, Meyers Lake Park, Canton, Ohio, and on July 1st they go to Rye Beach, Huron, Ohio, to remain there through Labor Day. Just before beginning their engagement at Canton, this orchestra was requested by Columbia to their New York studio for record tests.

Wednesday, June 26, 1974

Also on this date, The Smithsonian Institute inspected the Carousel at Rock Springs Park for purchase. They chose not to buy it as they were looking for a menagerie-style with other animals besides horses and citing its rather plain rounding board. See a mural painting of the Carousel by local artist Craig Wetzel at http://rockspringspark.blogspot.com/2011/03/book-of-murals-captures-days-gone-by.html.

Listen to "Turn on the Heat" played by Bert Stock Orchestra in 1929, a famous hit only a month after the crash of the stock market. Enjoy!


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