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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Band Shell

The Band Shell under construction in 1940. (Courtesy of Tish Hand)
In theater, a shell (also known as an acoustical shell, choral shell or band shell) is a curved, hard surface designed to reflect sound towards an audience. Shells are most commonly used for orchestras, bands and choirs. The Rock Springs Park band shell was constructed in 1940 and was the only new building constructed during the Robert and Virginia Hand Years (1935 – 1970). It stood at the southern end of the upper park lawn facing north, directly in front of the Ladies Rest House. In 1974 the Band Shell was transported to the Chester City Park, but fell apart soon after. A cinder block amphitheater was constructed in its place.
Rear view of the Band Shell showing the brick structure. Shells are generally made of hard materials because they are designed to absorb as little sound as possible.
The Band Shell shown as it appeared in the park's final season, 1970.

The Band Shell in winter 1969 with the Ladies Rest House (right), Log House (center), and the Dodgem or "Skooter" (left). Notice the camper stored next to the Band Shell.
An outdoor theater-style band shell is the featured set piece in the video "Better Be Home Soon" by Crowded House from their 1988 album 'Temple of Low Men', and just like the Rock Springs Park shell, it comes crashing down in the end,

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