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Monday, March 19, 2012

Piece of Rock Springs' History to Be Restored

(The C.A. Smith House in 1910, prior to an addition which was added in the 1930s.)

The Fox Family, owners of the retirement community The Orchards at Foxcrest, purchased the C.A. Smith House last month. The house belonged to one-time Rock Springs Park Owner, Charles A. Smith. It is one of the first homes people see as they enter Chester, WV, from East Liverpool, OH, via the Jennings Randolph Bridge. It is also shown in a number of vintage postcard pictures on the terraced hillside above the lower entrance gate and trolley loop (see above).

In an article which appeared in the East Liverpool Review on February 12, 2012, Jim Fox is quoted as saying, “Driving past this house every day on your way to work, we've seen the hard times that it underwent and we just felt that it was really important for Chester for this home to be restored back to its rightful place. Our main goal right now is just to restore it and to get it back to the point where it's not going to fall down." Fox does not say what might become of the property after the restoration but adds, “We have a lot of different ideas about what it could be used for. After we get in here and start working, we'll have a better idea of what potential there is for what it could be. It's a gorgeous, old home with a lot of history."

I agree and have a few ideas of my own, like perhaps a Rock Springs Park History Museum.

Read the full article here.

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