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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Almost Heaven Lincoln Highway

The Almost Heaven Lincoln Highway book I mentioned back on October 7 is now for sale at Blurb Bookstore. The cover of the book uses what appears to be a foggy early morning black and white photograph of the Almost Heaven sign in the front yard of the Rustic Log Home which originally sat at the southern end of the midway in Rock Springs Park. In fact, there is no title font on the book's cover; the sign in the photograph says it all.

A hardcover ImageWrap copy of the book is $75.95 and the softcover is $56.95.

The website describes the book as "an odyssey along the Lincoln Highway with Kass and Eric Mencher as they search for the people and places that shape a complex country in unexpected ways. The Menchers focus on both the mundane and the unordinary, piecing together a nuanced and textured portrait of life along the nation's first cross-country road."

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