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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jethro Trestle Image Update

In two previous blog posts, I mention a tragic accident which occurred in East Liverpool, OH, in 1906, involving a traction car of the East Liverpool Traction & Light Co., which derailed at the approach to the Jethro trestle and plunged over a 25-foot embankment. I have since found two additional images of the trestle.

The trestle spanned a ravine more than 100 feet deep and extended for a distance of about 400 feet.
It appears, in the images above (Click images to enlarge), that Jethro Trestle connected the western edge of East Liverpool near the Ohio portal of today’s Newell Bridge and the City Hospital to “Sunny Side”, once considered the coal field of East Liverpool and now the home of East Liverpool Middle School and Patterson Field. The traction line continued beyond to Wellsville and Steubenville, OH.
The East Liverpool Middle School and Patterson Field in the old Sunny Side basin are still prone to flooding from the Ohio River.

Read all the dramatic details of the accident in my blog post of Thursday, August 4, 2011, entitled “Accident at Jethro Trestle.”


Will said...

Hiya Joe.

I thought you might like these photos of that Tressel.


And look at the photos on this page.


What's also interesting is that where the Hospital now sits, used to be the Cemetery for the city, nicknames "Skeleton Park".

Thanks for all you do! I enjoy reading the blog each week. And seeing what new and interesting history comes to light for our area.

Will said...

Also known as the West End Viaduct...

Joseph A. Comm said...

Wow! Will, thanks for the kind comments and the links. I had not see them before. The picture of the ballfield with the trestle in the background is GREAT!