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Monday, August 1, 2011

Directional Arrows

Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh is famous for its yellow directional arrows meant to guide motorists to the one-time Coaster Capital of the World. But until I read the article below, I did not realize that, at least for one automobile excursion, Rock Springs had its own arrows.

First Syria Auto Club Picnic

The Pittsburgh Press - August 12, 1928

The first free basket picnic of the Syria Temple Automobile Club will be held at Rock Springs Park, Chester, W. Va., Friday, Aug. 17. There will be a caravan leaving West Carson St. just below the new Point Bridge at 9:30 a.m. (Daylight time), under police direction. It will proceed through Coraopolis, Carnot Sheffield, Monaca, Rochester, Beaver to East Liverpool and then to Rock Springs Park. Syria auto arrow signs will be posted along the route. There will be swimming, skiff and other races at the park, together with a circus, dancing and other amusements for both children and adults.

So, what type of cars were auto club members driving in 1928? This ad on the same page as the article introduces five new Oldsmobiles.

Based on the directions, the caravan must have traveled north along the western edge of the Ohio River and crossed over from Monaca to Rochester and proceeded west along the northern bank of the Ohio to East Liverpool and then crossed the river again on the Chester Bridge south to Rock Springs Park.

Perhaps the Syria Temple Automobile Club arrows pointing to Rock Springs Park looked something like this.

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