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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Healing Miracle in Rock Springs Park

When you click on something you like on Facebook, sometimes that product appears on your profile information page. For instance, if you “like” a certain rock group’s page their band’s profile picture appears under “Arts and Entertainment: Music” category on your info page. Needless to say, I was quite impressed when I checked out a new friend’s page and discovered her two favorite books are Images of America: Rock Springs Park and The Bible. I got a kick out of that and thought nothing more about it until I read the following article about a healing miracle that occurred in the park in 1927. Now, I’m starting to wonder. Maybe, she’s on to something.

The Southern Missourian - Cape Girardeau Southeast Missouri - Thursday, April 11, 1935


When the Russel Bros. Circus comes to Cape Girardeau Monday with its array of feature acts, there will be one man, the owner of the famous sensational aerial company, Bob Fisher's Five Fearless Flyers, who will be glad to personally verify the statements of this story. Bob Fisher was unexpectedly the instrument of a miracle.

Back in 1927, the night of July 17, Bob Fisher and his company of aerialists were performing in Rock Springs Park, near Chester, W. Va. Mrs. Mary Lyons, who lived near there had been afflicted for several years with a vocal affliction, so she could not talk; could scarcely make an audible sound. She was speechless in spite of spending a small fortune to find relief. It was finally agreed by several doctors who had been called that about her only chance for relief was to suffer a shock or fright of some kind.

On the evening of the date mentioned, this young mother accompanied by her small child went to the park and found a seat near the lofty rigging of the Fisher act as she was determined to see it because of comments heard, but little did she suspect as she sat there that she was to depart a cured woman.

In the routine of aerial tricks by the Fishers, is one where Bob puts a sack over his head, and thus blindfolded, makes a flying leap to his partner on the opposite flying trapeze, turning a somersault as he goes. This night, after he had put the sack over his head and rubbed rosin over his hands to keep from slipping when he grabbed his partner's hands, he made the leap as usual when his partner called "go". He turned the somersault and the trick seemed sure to be completed, but fate decreed otherwise. Instead of being able to clasp solidly the hands of his partner, their finger tips barely touched and Bob fell some 40 feet to the net, turning several somersaults as he fell. As usual under such circumstances many people in the crowd were scared and among them Mrs. Mary Lyons. She gasped and gave a loud shriek and for the first time in 4 years was able to use her voice.

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