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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well Known Circus Acts Performed at Rock Springs

(Cropped Image Courtesy of Memory Lane Group; See full photo in Images of America: Rock Springs Park, p. 48)

Free attractions often performed in the mall area of the upper park in Rock Springs. Beginning August 15, 1911, the Six Flying Banyards, a world renowned acrobat troupe performed high above the crowd assembled on the main walk and steps of the carousel waiting platform at 3 and 10 p.m. daily (1). These “daring young men” and two women came direct from London’s Hippodrome to awe thrill-seekers in Chester, WV. The show consisted of an 80 foot long flying trapeze and strong arm acts which featured three men, two women and a 14 year old boy. Named were Charles Banyard, troupe, aerialists, Miss Maudie Banyard, and Miss Dora Banyard (2).

1. Beaver (PA) The Daily Times, August 14, 1911.
2. Waterloo (IA) Reporter, September 27, 1913.

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