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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Show at Rock Springs Park Offered Handsome Prizes

Today amusement parks offer wagon or stroller rentals for park guests. In 1910 the Pennsylvania Railroad offered “Free Baby Carriage Cars” for pleasure seekers of the pint-size variety.

In an advertisement featured in The Daily Times, Beaver, PA on August 20, 1910, carriage cars were listed as available for couples planning to visit Rock Springs Park during the East Liverpool Morning Tribune’s Picnic and Baby Show. The event featured a decorated baby carriage parade, the winner of which was given $500.00 in “Handsome Prizes!” (No small prize considering 500 dollars in 1910 is valued at nearly 10,000 dollars today.) The Baby show also included the Carnival of Babies and presents for the Kings and Queens of Babyland. For adults, a Masked Carnival was held in the evening and a Public Wedding was another “Special Feature” performed in the morning on the arched bridge which spanned the Chutes Ride (pictured). According to the ad, a free entry blank could be secured by writing to the Baby Show Manager, Rock Springs Park, Chester, W. Va.

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