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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rock Springs Park Sold

Thursday, October 7, 1937

The Evening Review reported that Frances D. Schatt of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company is repainting the ponies of the Merry-Go-Round at Rock Springs Park. This would contradict claims, at the time the horses were auctioned off 37 years later, that they were still in their original paint. See them at http://rockspringspark.blogspot.com/2011/08/trinket-or-tradition.html.

Saturday, October 7, 1950

East Liverpool, Oct. 7 - Charles A. Smith Jr., today announced the sale for $70,000 of Rock Springs Park at nearby Chester, W. Va., to Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Hand, who have managed the 50-year-old amusement resort since 1935. The 45-acre park was established by the retiring owners father Charles A. Smith, in 1898, when Ohio River steamboats carried picnic excursions. (The Youngstown Vindicator, October 7, 1950)

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