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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fate of the Famed Carousel

Friday, July, 19, 1912

Dever-Reed Reunion at Rock Springs Park.

On this date in Rock Springs Park history, the eighth annual reunion of the Dever and Reed families was held at Rock Springs Park, Chester, W. Va.

Representatives of the two families were present from Harding County, Cleveland, New Philadelphia, Steubenville, Wellsville, East Liverpool, Lisbon, Beaver Falls, Washington, Pa., and Hookstown.

The party enjoyed a basket picnic and a special program of music and speech making. A family group picture was taken of the party by a special artist.

Friday, July 19, 1985

Also on this date, An Evening Review article by Susan M. Weaver updated readers on the whereabouts of Rock Springs’ Carousel. “THE PRESENT OWNER is the Freels Foundation, which is a non-profit organization for the preservation of carousels. Foundation President Larry Freels had stated that this particular Dentzel model is one of the finest carousels in the nation. The Foundation was located in San Francisco and its plans called for the establishment of a museum there, where the carousel of Rock Springs Park was supposed to be exhibited. At the time of the story, the machine was still stored in the same two trailers in which it left Chester (1985).” The museum eventually auctioned off Rock Springs’ Dentzel and at present it is available for purchase from Brass Ring Entertainment and is still in those original crates. See it at http://carousel.com/antique/AntiqueDentzelCarousel.html.

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Tammie Brinduse said...

While searching for the origin of a carousel horse my husband purchased, I came across this blog site. You can imagine my surprise and the fact that my heart jumped into my throat when I saw the picture of the US Calvary horse! His twin is standing in my living room. Can you tell me when and how these Daniel Muller horses were divided up and dispersed?
If needed I can send pictures to verify.