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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Images of America: Rock Springs Park by the Numbers

As we approach the first anniversary of the publication of Images of America: Rock Springs Park, I am writing a series of blog posts about my experience in bringing the book to market. The first post issued on Sunday, May 8, 2011 explained how the cover art was chosen. Today I provide the reader with some raw data.

1. Number of revisions for the back cover summary and author biography = 31

2. Number of revisions for the book text = 59

3. Number of images scanned or processed electronically from the collection of Richard Bowker = 521

4. Number of images provided by Tish Hand = 78

5. Number of images used in book = 220

6. Maximum number of words allowed = 18,000

7. Number of words in final text = 17,995

8. Number of times the name “Rock Springs Park” appears in the text = 122

9. Number of email correspondences with editor = 188

10. Miles logged = 530.42

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