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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Strolling Through the Park in 1928

This description of a walk through Rock Springs Park appeared in The Daily Times of Beaver, PA in 1928.

Just for a moment close your eyes and imagine you are in Rock Springs Park. You have just finished a delightful dance to the lilting music of “Billy Coppel” and his boys in beautiful Virginia Gardens, you start on a trip through the park – first the Cyclone Coaster – a bell rings and the brilliantly colored cars start up the incline. Before you go down the first breath-taking dip you get a birdseye view of the park with its sparkling myriad lights and amusements. What a sight – then thrills – some ride – what next – the giant aeroplane swing taking you for a delightful cool ride up into the clouds – next the brilliantly lighted merry-go-round, with its laughing children – what’s this – the new Dangler – more laughs and enjoyment – then down the midway past the many new games and concessions with their richly decorated shelves and sparkling lights with the crowds of enjoyment seeking people. Not forgetting the Monkey Island with its colony of laugh-producing inhabitants.

This postcard shows the new Dangler (left).

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