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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Riverboat Excursions to Rock Springs Park Continued into the Late 50’s and Early 60’s

The Beaver Valley Times reported on June 4, 1958:

It was like old times today in Beaver County as two boat excursions were scheduled on the Ohio River by New Brighton Board of Trade and a group of Lions Clubs, respectively.

Despite a recent accident in which the excursion steamer Avalon was involved when the craft struck a lock gate at the Emsworth Dam, large crowds were expected to participate in both excursions. Both were to start and end at the Rochester wharf.

Those attending the New Brighton Board of Trade were to ride the Avalon, the only excursion boat operating on the Upper Ohio River, at Rock Springs Park, Chester, WV. After spending the day at the popular amusement, picnickers were to return to Rochester aboard the Avalon.

Then, this evening, the Lions Clubs of Monaca, Brighton Township and New Brighton were to sponsor a joint “Moonlight and Soft Music” excursion on the “beautiful Ohio.”

Time was when boat excursions were a regular and popular event in Beaver County. Frequent trips were made from Rochester by river steamers, with dancing as the main diversion for the gay excursionists.

Perhaps such pleasant cruises on the majestic and enchanting Ohio River, famed in song and story, again will become popular through excursions such as those scheduled today.

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